Friday, February 12, 2010

Keyboard or Computer?

Keyboard or Computer? That is called NorhTec Gecko Surfboard. NorhTec Gecko Surfboard is the first computer-keyboard produced by NorhTec. This computer-keyboard only consume five Watts, the company says.

Features and specifications listed by NorhTec for the Gecko Surfboard include:

* Processor -- Xcore86 (Vortex86MX) SoC clocked at 1.0GHz
* Memory -- 512MB of DDR2 RAM
* Storage -- SD/SDHC card or IDE-interfaced 2.5-inch hard disk drive
* Display -- VGA and composite video output (resolution not specified)
* Networking:
o LAN -- 10/100 Ethernet
o WLAN -- 802.11b/g (optional)
o WAN -- 3G module (optional)
* Other I/O:
o 1 x VGA
o 1 x composite
o 2 x USB 2.0
o 1 x serial
o Audio -- mic in and headphones out
* Power requirements -- 12VDC via AC adapter (requires only 5 Watts)
* Dimensions -- n/s, but no larger than standard keyboard
* Weight -- n/s
* Operating system -- Linux or Windows XP


NorhTec did not specify precise availability but said the Gecko Surfboard will be introduced at next month's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and go on sale subsequently. The device will cost approximately $99 with Linux and $150 with Windows XP, the company added.

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bit said...

its a computer.. :D

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