Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nikon D3

After a long-awaited, Nikon finally launched a new professional series DSLR with full-frame system. Nikon D3 is a professional DSLR with bersensor Mp 12 FX format (Nikon's term for full frame format). Similar to its competitors, D3 also been equipped with Live View system! Fast! As if stifling a bid earlier Canon (EOS-1D Mark III), Nikon burst with a camera that also sports and action oriented. D3 can capture images at 10 fps time-tracking AF turned off or 9 fps when AF-tracking enabled.To ensure the AF system to work with accurate, D3 is equipped with a 51 point AF!

Like the other series, D3 is designed to be used with a variety of supporting accessories. To take advantage of FX format, you must use a full frame lens (the lens or lens analog Nikon latest full frame). However, you can still use the Nikon DX lenses which already owned. Only, the image will be reduced to 5 Mp.

D3 has a variety of features "extra" that is difficult to find on other cameras. Dual CF slots are a photographer's dream had always felt the lack of room for the photograph. Meanwhile, 3-inch screen on the back side of this camera have a resolution of 922,000 pixels. Far more than its competitors.

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