Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kindle Wireless Reading Device

What you've heard about the e-Book reader is a tool used to read a digital book (e-Book), but initially it is less popular tool on market. Tapi, e-Book Reader Kindle 2 developed, this tool becomes best-selling-market sweet. E-Book Reader is promising and seem to be much demand for its thin and lightweight, weighing only 283g and its thickness reaches only about 0.9 cm. To measure the form Kindle 2 is 13.5 x 20.3 x 0.9 cm. In addition to its physical form is easy to carry around, Kindle 2 also offers interesting features such as using a 3G connection to purchase books directly from Amazon, the screen is clear and sharp and no problem to read it in the sun.

Kindle 2 can store about 15,000 digital books and there are features of "Text to Speech" that allows us to listen to the book directly through the earphones if you're lazy to read and also provided a QWERTY keyboard that will allow us to look for books on Amazon.

From 3G connection, we can get a digital newspaper every day without having to first download through this computer and that we believe Kindle 2 can be used to replace the paper and the intention to buy. 3G connection can also be used to open a blog and others like Wi-Fi, but perhaps with a slower speed.

Only one thing that we pity the screen size is only 6 inch capable of displaying black and white and not color.

Kindle 2 until now sold for U.S. $ 259.00.

Source from : sangmilyader.blogspot.com

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