Saturday, March 27, 2010

sex relate (seducation)

Sex toy aids in Indonesia the public sphere is still taboo, and the sanctions for the talk. However humans must have a biological need as adults. All that we return to each of them depending on how individual overcome the biological urge increased appetite, there are various ways of doing to overcome the biological lust among other thinks 
positive and approaches the half religious man or woman marries the hand made term masturbation. 
 Go to the localization. Using the tool sex toy or sex toy for those who in a condition separated by a spouse, widowers, widows and the things that are not allowed to have sex with a partner.such as sex blow up dolls for example.

In this discourse we try to examine what's sex toy. Sex toy is a tool of female or male who basically to meet the biological needs. Sex toy 
 functions as a warm woman before intercourse with partner.
partner loyalty while maintaining the time and place does not allow for sexual intercourse pregnant ex, out of town, etc., surely it must have openness between partners. Usage and storage usage specially 
's for adults, so do not need the details to using a sex toy (a very simple usage) can use anywhere and anytime 
 store in a dry, these products is not in privacy lent to avoid things that are not in want Part of the note said.
use because sex toy will make the user will be addicted and no longer as interested in the opposite sex, these reasons we think no effect, karma-lovers pleasure sex toy tool was more enjoyable sex with the opposite sex in terms of "Quality will not imitation better than the original" 
 materials imported products from outside and secured and do not cause disease to the user, when in use according to the rules of usage.

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